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Order Management

Feature Support
View Orders By:
Month, Day, & Year
Type, Campaign, & Source
Advanced Order Search Capabilities
Date Range
User ID
Items Ordered
Place Orders on Hold
"To Do's," Order-Based Tasks
Bill To & Ship To Addresses
Email via User Interface
Threaded, Conversation-Style Emails
Multiple Payment Methods on an Order
Track Campaign Codes
User-Based Order Flagging
Reshipments, Immediate and Pending Returns
Shipment Reversal & Inventory Synchronization
RMA with Barcodes
Manual Order Piority Adjustment
Order-Linked Calendar Appointments
Item Discounts with Separate Discount Quantity
Amount & Percentage-Based Item Discounts
Automated System Notes & Manual User Notes History
Unlimited Items on an Order
Auto-Calculating Order Totals
Customizable Shipping Totals
Separate Sales Tax Amounts on Different Items on an Order
View Inventory Levels on an Order
Process Payments & Refunds in Real-Time
Customizable Order Sources for Reporting Purposes
Clickable Tracking Numbers
Real Time Tracking Numbers From Carriers
Custom Fields
Import Orders
File Endings
Dual File Import
Orderwave Shopping Cart
CSV File
Campaign Integration Method
Line-Item Grouping

Inventory Management

Feature Support
Multiple Inventory Views (List or Table)
Transactional Inventory Quantity Changes
Lot Tracking
Inventory Images
Receive/Deduct/Adjust Inventory
Import Inventory
Automated User Change Tracking
Weight Tracking with Multiple Units of Measurement
Dimension Tracking with Multiple Units of Measurement
Bin Location Tracking
Minimum & Maximum Levels + Alerts
Custom, Inventory-Based Return Policies
Inventory Release Dates for Pre-Orders
Organize Inventory Parts in Folders
Inventory Deactivation
Standard Inventory Parts
Non-Physical Inventory Parts
Inventory Kits (Pre-Packs)
Virtual Inventory Kits (SKUs Represent Multiple Items)
Manufacturing Bill of Materials & Kit-Building Instructions
Multiple Inventory Identification Fields

Warehouse & Fulfillment Management

Feature Support
Multiple Fulfillment Providers Linked to an Account
Multiple Warehouse Locations Linked to Fulfillers
Definable Inventory Classifications (active, reworkable, etc)
Shared Inventory Across Accounts
Bin Management
Inventory Picking Lists
Inventory Receiving
Inventory Returns Receiving Interface
Inventory Barcoding
Lot Tracking
Carton, Pallet, SKU Labeling
Inventory Work Orders
Transaction Warehouse Location Transfers
Customizable Logo on Packing Slips
Picking List Generated with Packing Slips
Shipping Labels on the Same Page of the Packing Slips
Kit -Packing Instructions
Order-Based Shipment Instructions with Packing Slips
Wireless warehouse scanning interface
Production Scanning
Dispatch Scanning
Pick Scanning
Returns Scanning
8 1/2" by 11" Packing Slips
8 1/2" by 14" Packing Slips
4" by 6" Shipping Labels for Eltron, Zebra Printers
Option for Hiding Prices on Packing Slips
Automated Fulfillment Scheduling
Fulfillment Start/End Dates

Account Settings

Feature Support
Access to Multiple Accounts at Once
Shared Inventory Across Accounts
Customizable Company Logo
Automated Fulfillment Scheduling
Custom Sales Tax Rules
Nationwide Sales Tax Database
Fulfillment Start/End Dates
Carrier Integration
Tax on Shipping Only or Shipping/Handling
Customizable Return & RMA Instructions By Location
Customizable Shipping Costs
Unlimited Number of Merchant Accounts Integration (Email Account)
Multi-Pay Customization for 3-Pay, Free Trials, or Other Configurations
Campaign Settings for Easy Ordering
Affiliate Set-Up, Tracking, & Reporting
Customizable Call Scripts
IVR Integration for Automated Phone System
Dynamic Location Routing Settings
DNIS Call Settings for Media Reporting
Support for Multiple Currencies
Integration with Quickbooks (T-Hub)
Order Tag Macros

User Access

Feature Support
Unlimited Number of Users
Granular User Access Control
User Accounts for Customer Service, Fulfillment Coordinators
Customizable User Avatars
Chat & Communication Tools
User Permission Settings
User Hierarchy
API User Management
User Groups
User & Group Inclusions in Calendar Events
User Access to Viewing Inventory Counts
User Access Using Hojme-Page Modules

Subscription, Continuity, & Auto-Ship

Feature Support
Auto-Ship on Order Line Items
Continuity Program Membership
Continuity Membership Design Interface
Open-Ended (Repeating) Programs
Multi-Pay on Continuity Programs
Extensive Shipping Settings
Custom Pricing on Continuity Items
Save-The-Sale Coupons
Continuity Interval Overrides
Due Date Customization
Free-Trial Management

eCommerce Shopping Cart

Feature Support
Accept Orders From Every Country
Fraud Controls
Customizable Shipping Calculations
Customizable Coupon Discounts (Amount & Percentage-Based)
Calculate Taxes Before or After Discounts
Allow Multiple Coupons
Choose What Forms of Payments Allowed
SSL Seal of Security
Continuity Enrollment with Order
Campaign Code Tracking
Flag Addresses as a Business Address
Merchant Gateway Load Balancing
Display Payment Schedule According to Payment Plan
Force Login
RMA Requests via Store
Extensive Product Settings
Product Categories
Product Tagging with Custom Color Coding
Gift Card Purchase & Redemption
Order Non-Physical Products
Map Products to Multiple Inventory Items (Size, Color)
Products Viewable Only During Certain Date Ranges
Unlimited Product Images
Toggle Product/Coupon Discount Eligibility
Auto-Trigger Coupon Codes
Disallow Customers from Altering Quantity
Volume Pricing Levels/Incentives
Individual Product Taxable Status/Custom Tax Rates
Inventory Stock Check During Order Process (Prevent Backorders)
Disallow Customers from Removing Certain Items from their Cart
Continuity Enrollment by Item
Allow Opt-In/Opt-Out of Continuity
Multi-Pay Program Triggered by Item
Campaign Code Tracking by Item
Settings for Items to Not Affect Shipping Calculations
Live Shipping Rates
Custom Templates for Site Designs
Orderwave Supplied Tags for Embedding System/Order Information
Define "Tags" for Templates
Customize Look & Feel, CSS, JavaScript
Customizable Language Translations
Load Balanced and Distributed Hosting for High Availability
Change Any System Generated Text

Payment Processing

Feature Support
PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant
Unlimited Linked Merchant Accounts
Toggle Merchant Account Use by Date Range
Pause Merchant Account Usage
Merchant Account Load-Balancing
Dollar-Based Load Balancing
Round-Robin Load Balancing
Integrated with All Major Gateways
Advanced Processing Filter Types
Order Type: Standard, B2B, B2C, Continuity/Subscription
Processing From: Web, MOTO (Mail-order, Telephone-order)
Credit Card/Payment Type
Support for "Sticky" Processing
Multi-Pay Follows Original Merchant Account
Scanned Daily for Security Holes