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Posted on August 19, 2011 12:22 PM | View all

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Our ever-improving continuity interface

Viewing/administering continuity

We’ve just rolled out some changes to the way to can view and administer continuity orders.

Now, when viewing a continuity order, you’ll no longer be prompted with a dialog box that you have to deal with before viewing the order, instead, you’ll be presented with the following alert:

This new information box lets you know:

  1. That this is a continuity order, an order spawned by Orderwave because of a membership in an autoship program
  2. What place in the shipment count this order falls in (i.e. This is continuity order #3)
  3. The parent (original) order number with a link to view it.

Additionally, you used to have to view the parent order to administer the continuity enrollment – this is no longer necessary! Now you can view the continuity enrollment simply by using the “Continuity” tab right on this page.

However, when dealing with “autoship membership” that is enabled on the parent line-item, you will still need to enroll/cancel/change that parent line-item.

Continuity Cancellation

While there is a distinction between cancelling an order, and cancelling someone out of a continuity program, many new users simply cancel the order and assume that the continuity enrollment will be cancelled as well. There are operational reasons why this may work as a means to stop the customer from receiving future shipments, but for reporting reasons, the customer will still be “enrolled”.

To remedy this problem, we’ve included the ability to cancel all continuity memberships when cancelling an order:

Now you (and your reps) can do all of the cancelling you need in 1 dialog, keeping your reporting accurate and your operations precise.