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Verify US Shipping Addresses with Orderwave

verify US Shipping Addresses Orderwave

July 27, 2016

Experiencing a high volume of returns due to undelivered orders?  Let Orderwave automate your United States shipping address verification, ensuring delivery to your customers.

Correct common entry errors, decreasing return costs.  Reduce returns and optimize the customer experience to strengthen loyalty. Increase call center accuracy when taking phone orders and enable USPS formatting.

How It Works:

Out of the box, Orderwave validates US zip/state or Canadian postal code/province combinations.  Should any discrepancies arise, Orderwave immediately places the order on hold in addition to a notification on your home dashboard.  Your customer service or account representatives can handle accordingly.

With the added address verification service, Orderwave logic automatically validates and corrects invalid US addresses.  That's it! Orders will continue through their life cycle without any delay.  Increase efficiency and streamline your workflow; ideal for high volume e-commerce.

If an order shows several possible correct addresses or requires a unit number, Orderwave also places the order on hold with a home dash board notification.

address verification notice orderwave

For more information on implementing the address verification service, please contact: