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Orderwave Features for Direct Response

Communicating with your customer-based through Direct Marketing? Surprise, Orderwave can handle it.



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Launch a New Campaign

launch direct response campaign

Orderwave makes it easy to create, track, and implement campaigns. Generate custom descriptive campaign codes to direct business rules. Use the Campaign Integration Method to construct an HTML-rich landing page for your E-Commerce site, using the data and rules in the Orderwave. Design pages specifically for affiliates and pull comprehensive reports.

Free Trials

free trial

Enticing customers with a free trial offer? Let Orderwave administer the complexities of delayed payments. Capture the specific amount on the designated day.

See: Free Trial Management

Streamline the Continuity Process

streamline continuity

Trigger a customized continuity plan or simple auto-shipment at specified intervals. Advanced tools facilitate the design of the perfect continuity structure.

See: Subscriptions & Continuity

DNIS Management

Dialed Number Identification Service DNIS

Track the profitability of various toll-free numbers, gaining invaluable insight to target markets. Simply enter the Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), the corresponding media code, the time frame, and begin receiving orders. Marketing data at your fingertips!

Affiliate Tracking & Performance

affiliate tracking performance

Thinking of exploring affiliate marketing? Use Orderwave's built-in solution for affiliate promotion. Track affiliate sales & commissions. Easily create new affiliates and map codes to an existing affiliate account. Customize commissions and generate excel reports. Learn more by viewing our Affliate Marketing Video.


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