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Inventory & Warehouse Management



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Inventory Management

Store & Organize

organize inventory store inventory

Easily contain all inventory properties in Orderwave. Include weight, dimensions, maximum and minimum levels, financial details, and even an inventory-specific return policy in one location. Organize inventory into customizable categories, based upon your business rules.

Customizable Subsets

customizable inventory subsets

Implement customized classifications of inventory quantities called subsets. Create subsets for active, on hold, reserved, damaged, reworkable - really any type of inventory you want to define. Dramatically increase your inventory management accuracy.

Kits & Virtual Kits (VKits)

virtual kit virtual inventory kit

Assemble sub-components into a master SKUs, automatically deducting inventory from the sub-parts. Create virtual assemble kits (VKits) into phantom master SKUs. With VKits, all inventory quantities will remain with the sub-components until deduction. At the time of inventory deduction, Orderwave will automatically pull the necessary inventory from the sub-parts. You have the freedom to create packages for different campaigns, test markets at different price points, create "pointer" SKUs to other parts, and more.

Transactional Inventory Management

transactional inventory management

Each time inventory is deducted, moved, assembled, transferred, or changed, a corresponding inventory transaction must be created. This level of transactional detail makes sure that every item is accounted for in your inventory reporting.

Warehouse Management

Do you have inventory in multiple locations? Would you like to? 

Orderwave is multiple "provider" and location aware. Split warehouse operations between different facilities, or manage multiple fulfillment providers at once.

Bin Location Management

bin location managment

Orderwave supports location management through a user-defined, hierarchical bin-naming system. Receive and deduct inventory directly into your bins to manage accurate location counts.

Picking Tickets

pick pack ship

Orderwave auto-generates a picking ticket, complete with kit packing instructions, making sure your assembly-items are produced accurately.




Dynamic Warehouse Routing

Orderwave supports dynamic warehouse routing for your orders based on a number of pre-configured rules. For example, setup rules that route inventory based on geographic location. All orders with destinations east of the Mississippi routed to your warehouse in Kentucky. Remaining orders are delivered from your Southern California distribution center.

Dramatically Reduce Transportation Costs

Reduce delivery costs for your orders across your organization with Orderwave's dynamic routing.

Choose Location Routing Rules

Mix, match, and combine from the following settings to implement smart and cost-saving routing rules:

  • Item SKU Based Routing
  • Geographic Routing
  • Availability (Quantity on Hand) Based Routing
  • Customer Group Based Routing