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Payment Processing Made Easy

Orderwave supports several forms of payment processing solutions, including:

  • Batch
  • Instant 1-Page Checkout
  • E-Commerce & Shopping Cart
  • Virtual Terminal

Orderwave is integrated with ALL the major payment gateways; it's one less thing for you to worry about.  

As a PCI Level 1 solution provider, we're focused on your security. Exhibit unsurpassed dedication to protecting our client's, and their customer's, privacy.

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Scheduled Billing & Multi-Payment Plans

scheduled billing

More freedom to manage your payment processes. Schedule a transaction to be processed at a future date and forget about it! Orderwave also boasts an intuitive user interface for administering multi-payment plans, free-trial and delayed billing plans. 

Merchant Load-Balancing

merchant load balancing

Speed financial transactions across multiple merchant accounts. Round-robin and dollar-based load balancing ensure even distribution across multiple accounts, regardless of how many. 

Tailor the way your merchant accounts are used by card-type, order-type, date range, and industry classification. Even set a cap on the most you want to charge per transaction.

Detailed Transaction Logging

transaction logging

Record the detail of each and every transaction your account generates, providing comprehensive transaction reporting on an "item level". Easily view details for every transaction with Orderwave's robust reporting.  

Virtual Terminal

virtual terminal

Your customer service agents need to provide auth/capture and refund transactions in real-time to keep your customers happy. Enjoy an easy-to-use, guided, virtual terminal that communicates to all of your gateways.

Featured Supported Payment Gateways

Plus many, many more. Don't see your preferred payment gateway? Let us know.

Amazon Payment
chase paymentech
converge my virtual terminal evalon logo
cybersource cyber source
elite payment processing
eprocessing network e processing
First Data
global collect ingenico ePayments
internet secure
moduslink global solutions
my echeck
paypal express
paypal proflow pro
paysafe pay safe
prism pay prismpay
rocketgate rocket gate
transFirst TSYS
usaepay usa epay
worldpay world pay