# About Orderwave

# Our goal

Orderwave’s goal is to provide the most flexible and powerful Order Management System on the planet. We do this through data-transparency, a “find anything” and “connect to anything” philosophy, and a user-empowerment outlook.

# The application

Orderwave is a custom-developed software application that runs in the cloud. Every action and operation that occurs in the application is exposed through a JSON API, so you can develop scripts or applications that interface with your order data to extend the functionality. Orderwave has an extensive security model, so that you can finely control who can see and do what.

# Administrator access

Firstly, you will need to elect at least one person in your organization to be an Admin user. Admin users have special privileges in Orderwave, and some actions are only available to Admin users. Admin users are members of the built-in user group aptly called “Admins”.
To accomplish the items in this guide, you will need Admin access.


We highly recommend that your Admin user be a user who will interact with Orderwave on a daily basis. They will become the subject matter expert in your organization for your order management processes.