# Automated Receiving

Orderwave will manage backorder status for you, by placing shipments into a BACKORDER queue, but depending on your workflows, this may not be ideal. For example, you may be updating your Orderwave inventory quantities with inventory syncs, and you want your warehouse to receive all orders, and you want the warehouse to determine if the order can be shipped or not.

To this end, Orderwave offers an App Job on oms/shipments that lets you set up Orderwave to automatically receive any quantities that are currently backordered.

# Setting up Automated Receiving

Navigate to Admin > Automated Tasks and create a new task with the following properties:

Field Description
Job type App Job
Bucket oms/shipments
App Job Automatically receive backordered quantities

This job will automatically receive the pending/backorder quantities into Orderwave and remove the BACKORDER queue from shipments. However, those shipments will still need to have allocation performed on them (it could not be performed before, since there wasn't the available inventory). Make sure that you're occasionally running the ALLOCATION automated task (even if you have batch allocation disabled) to allocate orders that were on backorder.