# User administration

In Orderwave, users have access to view orders, create orders, manage inventory, and much more.

# Creating new users

There are two ways to create the users that have access to your Orderwave instance:

  1. An administrator can create the users manually in the users section
  2. Or an administrator can open up Registration so that your users can create their own user accounts

# Creating users manually

To create a new user, navigate to Settings > Users and click the ➕ button to create their account. You will be presented with the following fields:

Field Description
Username This is the unique username that users will be identified by. It is used in object notes to tag users. This field can never be changed once it is saved.
Email address This is the user's actual email address, and is used to log into their account.
Name This is the person's name that they want to be referred by.
Initials When displaying an avatar circle, the user's initials are used. Set that value here.
Dashboard access This denotes that the user has access to log into the Orderwave UI (Dashboard). Only users that have this turned on can log into Orderwave.
User type Choose the type of user that this is. Actual humans that will be logging in need to be set as User, API users should be Bot, and Anonymous users are simply users that are not a part of your organization, but may have some user access to some features, should you program special functionality with the Orderwave APIs.
Groups Choose the group that best defines the user. By default, Orderwave comes with Users (for basic non-admin users), Admins (for your administrators), Bots (for API access to Orderwave), and External (for users that are not a part of the Orderwave Dashboard access list).
Avatar (Optional) Choose a file from your computer to upload as the user's image. Users can customize their own avatar when they have logged in.

Click the Save button to create the user. The user will receive an activation email they must click on to activate their account before they can log in.

# Allowing user registration

If you prefer to let users from your organization create their own user accounts, navigate to Admin > Registrations and click the ✏ button to edit the registration settings.

In order to allow registration, you must specify an email domain suffix that is allowed to register. For example, if your users all work for "Example Corp", and they all have @example-corp.com email address, specify that domain in the Domains field.

Here are the registration properties details:

Field Description
Allow registration Turn this on if you want users from your company to create their own accounts.
Domains Comma-separate a list of domains that match your company email addresses.
Default group The group that these users will be placed in after registering.


Avoid free domains like yahoo.com, gmail.com, etc, as you could unwittingly give unauthorized access to your Orderwave instance to anyone.

Once registration is enabled, by navigating to your Orderwave instance in a web browser, users can click on Registration at the top of the screen to start the user registration process.

After users have registered, they will receive an email where they can activate their account and proceed to log in.