Expressive APIs
Orderwave is built on an expressive REST JSON API.
JSON APIs Granular Permissions Ingress ETL Export Transformations

APIs, ETL, and data staging - all right here.

Use our APIs to push and pull data, stage data for import, ETL data for partners, and so much more.

Use our simple HTTPS JSON APIs to fetch and push data. Extend the functionality with webhooks.
Create dedicated "bot" API users, and control their permissions to keep data safe.
Post data to ingress buckets — temporary zones for transforming data before being loaded. Build alerts around data transformation issues.
Transform and export any data from Orderwave to your (or your partner's) systems. Easy-to-use transformation template make ETL a breeze.

API Integrations

Accomplish nearly anything with custom integrations — Orderwave doesn't need a native implementation of a partner API to be a full service OMS solution for your business.

Endlessly customizable with queues, tags, and rules.
More than order management. Orderwave is event-driven e-commerce middleware.

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