US Postal Service Shipping & Returns
Ship with your warehouse using US Postal Service.
Shipping Labels Return Labels Tracking Updates Estimated Deliveries

Process your US Postal Service shipments and returns using Orderwave.

  • Have the flexibility to create packing slips with US Postal Service labels, or load US Postal Service tracking data from your 3PL.
  • Control the mapping from your shipment methods to to US Postal Service services.
  • Load tracking meta-data, like estimated delivery date into your shipments for further workflow customization.
  • Ship with the full set of options with the Postal Service.
  • BYO US Postal Service account with your rates and services.


  • Create pre-paid returns labels for customers
  • Take advantage of Priority Mail Return Service
  • Embed labels into custom RMA PDFs

Endlessly customizable with queues, tags, and rules.
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