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Gain flexibility with Orderwave's powerful rules engine.
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Take the complexity of your business to the OMS part of the stack - build rules with Orderwave to handle complex business strategies, and improve post-purchase UX.

Let Orderwave pick up your orders from SFCC (formerly Demandware) and process all of your custom business rules. Manage alerts, send email communications, manage inventory, and sync inventory back to SFCC.

Import orders - fulfill orders directly in Orderwave, or send the data to the fulfillment provider or warehouse. Meet the data-requirements of your warehouse with our data export templates.
Sync product data from your product information system, or post SFCC catalog files to Orderwave ingress data models to support adaptive product data.
Sync inventory levels from Orderwave to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Make Orderwave the single hub for current inventory quantities and sync across storefronts and fulfillment partners.
Connect Orderwave to the payment gateways of your choice, and handle all follow-up payment processing (capture, refunds, etc) in Orderwave.
Endlessly customizable with queues, tags, and rules.
More than order management. Orderwave is event-driven e-commerce middleware.

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