Your purpose-built, event-driven, ultimate, e-commerce middleware.

Orderwave is more than an OMS; Orderwave is the ultimate e-commerce middleware. It sits in the middle of your e-commerce stack, centralizing your complex business rules, disseminating data to your apps, and providing best-of-breed access to all critical information for a modern digital business.

Event-driven, so that you can apply your company's business-rules to orders, inventory, products, or payments (or anything) at any step along the workflows of your e-commerce technology stack.

Complete order view: All of the details you need, at your fingertips — including custom fields, context-based buttons, shipping and billing details, fully automated change-tracking, notes and more.

Why it works:

Read about how powerful searching & finding is in Orderwave.

Orderwave was built on a modern stack that provides instant access to data and the flexibility to do anything with that data.


There is no such thing as an off-the-shelf OMS that works for every company. Your business is finely-tuned, and your OMS needs to be tuned with your business-rules. This is where Orderwave, as an e-commerce middleware shines. We have a purpose-built rules engine that allows you to implement your business-rules with no-code required.

Need to run some of your custom code? No problem. Our rules engine allows for that too.

Create your own business rules logic, even if it is very complicated, to automate data changes, custom workflows, emails, data-import/export, and much more.


Did you know?
You can create automated alerts based on anything in Orderwave. Lack of a certain type of order in the last 24 hours? New users created in the last month? Any type of alert can be built.

In Orderwave, everything is an API, and our entire user interface is built on our RESTful JSON API. This means that you can integrate or extend the functionality with your own processes, or have a partner integrate by pushing/pulling orders, inventory, or anything else.

Take it a step further, by utilizing our data-export and data-import tools, that make it easy to send and receive data for partners, even when you need to conform to their requirements.

Combine rules, queues, automation, and data-exports to build fully-customized data-sharing processes, without needing a programmer.

Set up imports and exports with a few clicks. Export to FTP, SFTP, or web-connected APIs. Transform data to meet the needs of external partners.

Simplifying Complexity:

Orders can be highly complex. Orderwave's architecture allows for highly complex ordering scenarios like:

  • Orders with multiple shipping addresses
  • Order splitting and shipping from multiple warehouses
  • Split tenders
  • Partial shipping / Short shipping
  • Partial item cancellation
  • Stacked discounts on items
  • Prorated order-level discounts

Ship how you ship.

Ship your orders using the tools built into Orderwave, or interface with 3rd party fulfillment services or warehouses. Either way, you will bring in up-to-the-minute tracking data for your orders, and automate shipment notifications, tracking, payment events and more.

Ship orders (create packing slips and shipping labels) or import shipment data from your warehouse. (Customer data shown is fake and for demo purposes.)

Built for the whole team.

Orderwave is the perfect tool for customer service teams. Give your team a single unified place to lookup orders, work customer service queues, apply appeasements, setup returns, and monitor orders and alerts.

Give your customer service team approved tools, like pre-defined appeasements, to help them help customers.

A full financial picture.

Orderwave loads your payments, refunds, declines, and voids into dedicated data-sets. You can build reporting and alerts, custom business rules, imports and exports, and so much more with granular access to detailed payment information.

Finally get access to detailed payment information. Run reports, create alerts, and even import and export all payment data to financial systems.

Real-time inventory - any location.

Create your warehouses and inventory buckets. Sync inventory in real-time from your warehouses to get a full picture of your stock levels. Sync inventory to shopping carts and marketplaces never oversell again.

View inventory levels in aggregate or at the individual location level.

Product data that works.

Your product catalog is flexible, and works with different configurations. Set up "variation" products, perfect for apparel or any items that have style, color, size, or measurement choices, standard products, or even kits where kits are built on-demand in your warehouse.

Products are flexible - create standard, variation mappings, or kits with inventory.

Customer profiles / CRM.

Load your customers in, build out your custom fields, and craft a perfect CRM for your ecommerce operations. Automate anything with the Orderwave Rules Engine.

Use Orderwave's customer section as your CRM. (Customer data shown is fake and for demo purposes.)

Automate returns and exchanges.

Let your customers create returns & exchanges requests. Free up customer service to work with pressing issues while the returns/refunds/exchanges process is automated by Orderwave.

Create RMAs (or let your customer create RMAs with a returns portal). Automate returns and exchanges. (Customer data shown is fake and for demo purposes.)

Supercharge order-placement.

Create templates for common orders. Let your reps duplicate orders. Use business rules to set properties automatically — categorize orders based on any property.

Create orders quickly by setting up order-templates for the "create order" screen.

User & group permissions that work.

Setup granular permissions on your user-groups. Even setup "filtering" options so that members of certain groups can't see what they're not supposed to see.

List-filtering allows administrators to set the objects that can and can't be seen by user groups.

Block any order — by any property.

Block orders based on addresses, using address formatting & smart property detection. Block order numbers and email addresses (and email address patterns too). Orders will be placed in blocking queues for customer service review, or for further automation like automatic cancelation.

Create order-address-blockers to block any future orders from problematic addresses.

Set your shipping rates.

Create blanket or complex shipping rates for new orders. Design your zones based on geography and set up shipping rates based on your business rules.

Create and map any custom shipping rates for new orders.

Custom fields at any level.

Your business has custom needs, and you can create the custom fields that you need. Create custom fields at any level - order, shipment, line item, payment — anywhere — even users, groups, automated task results — truly anywhere!

Custom fields are easy to create - just set the name, the type, the initial value and a few other options.

Custom dashboards for different teams.

Create separate dashboards, with different graphs, alerts, queues, and lists, for each team you bring to Orderwave. Put their tasks right in front of them. Give them a real time window to queues and alerts, or real time analytics.

Configure the dashboard modules for each of the dashboards that you create.

Set data retention polices.

You control how long data is retained in Orderwave. Set the policies that makes sense for performance, customer PII requirements, and compliance.

Data retention policies are easy to create in Orderwave. Just specify the bucket, and how long data should be retained.

Set up PII purging policies.

Have to deal with GDPR or other regulatory compliance issues around PII? Orderwave comes with pre-built PII purging capabilities. Use automation, like queues and automated tasks, to automatically purge PII from existing orders. Data will be masked, indicating that personal data was purged from the orders.

It is easy to purge personal information from existing orders. Run it manually or automate it with rules and tasks.

Link to anything.

Setup manual or automated links to internal pages, or external websites. Make Orderwave the data-hub in your organization, while linking it to key destinations elsewhere.

Linking is powerful and flexible. You aren't limited to what you can link to.

Link orders, products, or anything — to anything.

File storage in the cloud.

Use ours, or bring your own file storage connection, like Amazon S3, to store all of the data files loaded or created by Orderwave. When you bring your own, you'll have forever-access to historical data files for any purpose.

Setup and configure file-storage connections and keep files forever.

Access system logs.

Orderwave meticulously logs application actions and details to the sys-log. Admin users can access these logs for troubleshooting and maintenance reasons.

You can search and read any sys-log generated by Orderwave.

Set preferences, like order number makeup, across the app.

Orderwave exposes a huge number of preferences to administrators. Set different properties, like how an order number should be generated, directly in our admin menus.

It's simple to find and set properties like order number settings in Orderwave.

Set order-cancelation reasons.

We really let you customize an amazing number of details in Orderwave. Customize the different reasons for order cancelation with a few clicks.

We get you started with a few cancelation codes and reasons, but you can set this how you see fit.

Customize your refund and appeasement reason codes.

We let you track refund and appeasement codes, so that you can have a full picture of the reasons you're refunding your customers.

Setup the reason codes that make sense for your organization.

See inventory delta tracking.

Syncing inventory with a lot of stores? Get full visibility into the delta-tracking Orderwave provides. Even purge delta-trackers to resync inventory with stores and marketplaces.

Administrators get deep access to data, like delta-trackers.

Think that's it? That's just the beginning.

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Endlessly customizable with queues, tags, and rules.
More than order management. Orderwave is event-driven e-commerce middleware.

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