3PL Distribution Centers + Fulfillment Houses
Integrate easily with third party shipment centers for orders, shipment status updates, and inventory.
Custom Order Feeds Inventory Sync Shipment Status Feeds Return Feeds Automation High Visibility

Effortlessly sync data with warehouses and distribution centers for full visibility to shipment statuses.

You do not have to ship your orders with Orderwave's shipment tools - Orderwave is also excellent at syncing mission critical data with your fulfillment partners.

Order/shipment feeds

Use Orderwave's standard data-formats for your fulfillment partners, or design data-transformation export templates to meet the exacting needs of your 3PL data standard.

Shipment data feeds

Inbound shipment data (tracking numbers, service levels, shipment dates, statuses) into Orderwave's feed data, and automate the process of syncing shipment information on your orders. Automate file checks and imports, and take it further to automate payment collection and email communication with your customers.

Any erroneous data is triaged in the data-feeds, so you can identify and fix any data issues with imports. Further automate data-consistency issues with rules to identify and fix errors automatically.

Inventory syncs

Import inventory sync data from your warehouses to keep Orderwave up-to-date with the latest quantities on-hand. Further improve inventory accuracy by posting inventory receipts to Orderwave to reduce errors caused by timing issues across your fulfillment integrations.

Returns data

Load returns into your orders to sync with orders or RMAs. Automate refunds for returns - Orderwave will calculate refund amounts based on prior refunds and discounts.

Endlessly customizable with queues, tags, and rules.
More than order management. Orderwave is event-driven e-commerce middleware.

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