Automate nearly anything.
Control the automation for all of your tasks; order imports, exports, rules, alerts, app-processes, and more.
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Complete control of the automation engine.

Control the cadence of the automated tasks in Orderwave. Set the schedule, the number of times to run the task, and let it do the work for you.

Your automation engine

Background processes are never out-of-reach. You get to control how and when things run.

Export jobs

Create queue-based workflows with your business rules to decide what data needs to be exported. Setup automated export jobs that push batch-files to SFTP servers or individual API requests to web-services.

Integration is easy, with Orderwave's built-in data-transformation templates. Convert Orderwave data directly into the formats that you need, whether it by JSON, XML, CSV, or anything else.

App Jobs

Even pre-built core application tasks are in your control. Turn them off or on, or control the schedules as your organization requires.

Import Jobs

Setup custom import tasks that can read flat-file data, and transform it to be imported into Orderwave. You're not limited — transform and load orders, inventory, payments, or anything else.

Dealing with more complex data? Work with Orderwave's data ingress templates, to map complex JSON data to Orderwave's formats. Easily deal with data-validation errors, by working with the feeds — a special triage area to see how data maps and imports into Orderwave. Problems with order-data mapping can be found (and fixed!) with a couple of clicks without the need to get a developer involved.

Alert Jobs

Create tasks that perform saved search-filters that custom alerts to your team. Never let order-data (or anything) get lost in the lurch again.

Rules Jobs

Rules are one of the most powerful features in Orderwave, and they get taken to the next level when combined with rules jobs.

Create rules that do anything, then automate them to run on the sets of orders (or data) that you need.

URL Webhooks

Did you put your code somewhere else? Orderwave lets you fire-off URLs as automated tasks, so you can keep all of your automation on one convenient place.

Endlessly customizable with queues, tags, and rules.
More than order management. Orderwave is event-driven e-commerce middleware.

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