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Data Exporting
Design and automate data exports to any location.
CSV TAB XML FTP/SFTP Web Services Automation

It's your data. Send it anywhere.

At it's heart, Orderwave is a data-management platform — and handles data with a lot of export flexibility.

File Exports

Use flexible templates to precisely design how your file exports should look, down to the character.

Templates allow you to create custom CSV/TAB delimited files.

Easily create complex XML files using our easy templates.


Hook your export templates to automated-tasks to have them created automatically.

Send export files to FTP and SFTP servers — target specific folders if needed.

Send export data to web-services as individual payloads, or in a batch format.

How it works

Choose between any of the "Buckets" (data sources like "orders", "inventory", "products" or more) in Orderwave.

Set up an export template. Craft a template that produces the file exactly how you would like it to export.

Set up your export location — either as a file location (FTP/SFTP) or as a web service.

Create an automated task that executes the export the data that you need, by Queue or Search Filter.