Data Importing
Design and automate data imports from anywhere.
CSV TAB XML FTP/SFTP APIs / Web Services Automation

Flexible and simple data imports.

Orderwave supports flexible and simple data import strategies.

File Imports

Create your own file formats that let you import flat-files into your data-buckets.

Set up column-by-column specifications for mappings.

Easily import into complex types using record identifiers.

Data ingress for complex data

Control the import mapping for complex data.

Easily customize ETL loads.

Convert data to complex objects.


Link up your import processes to automated tasks.

Grab files from FTP and SFTP servers & look for file-naming conventions.

Transform data with your custom templates.

Find and fix data-mapping problems that are automatically identified.

Data-imports come in 2 types

Import data from text-based files (CSV, TAB, etc). Design your own imports by choosing the columns.
Complex Data
Load JSON data and design an ingress transformation template to map the data as you see fit.