Transactional inventory - always know where your inventory is.
Multi-Bucket Subsets Multi-Warehouse Inventory Movements Sync Inbound Sync Outbound UPCs, ISBNs, Etc

Inventory - flexible and real-time.

Orderwave supports multi-warehouse, multi-bucket inventory quantities. Designate quantities for certain order sources with rules for dedicated and reliable inventory.

Transactional inventory

Every deduction, adjustment, and receipt of inventory is tracked as a transaction in Orderwave, so there's never any question about where inventory came from, or where it went.

Dedicated buckets (subsets)

Need dedicated inventory quantities for certain storefronts or marketplaces? Orderwave will let you transfer inventory to subsets of inventory that you define, so that you can reserve inventory for any need.

Real time

Orderwave deducts inventory for orders immediately, and with automation, you can push inventory syncs to storefronts, marketplaces, or APIs at any schedule.

Endlessly customizable with queues, tags, and rules.
More than order management. Orderwave is event-driven e-commerce middleware.

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