Order Status Pages
Create branded pages that automate shipment tracking, returns and exchanges.
Shipment Tracking Returns & Refund Automation Exchange Automation Return Fees Custom PDFs Pre-Paid Shipping Labels Custom Business Rules

Have your customers land on a tracking page that keeps them engaged with your brand.

Create branded order-status pages that show tracking and delivery statuses for any order with a tracking number.

Your customers want a curated user experience through every aspect of the shopping experience, and the tracking-page is no different. Offer your customers a single destination for order-status, tracking, returns requests, and exchange requests.

Automate returns

Let your customers choose which items to return.

Step your customers through the returns process by having them choose their item(s) for returns.

Return reasons and exchange options

Customize the returns reasons and items eligible for exchange.

Offer pure returns for refunds, or offer returns for exchange and keep that captured revenue. Customers will choose the best option for themselves and love how easy the process is.

Easy returns

Your customers print and send back a custom RMA PDF with a pre-paid return label.

Your customers can print their pre-paid return label and follow your custom return instructions. Direct returns to any warehouse you have configured in Orderwave.

Return fees

Let your customers subsidize your returns costs by imposing returns fees. Returns fees reduce the refund that is calculated by the fee amount that you designate. Use rules to set different returns-fees for different order types.

Warehouse routing

You're set if you're using a returns aggregator, or you need to process returns through another distribution center. Use rules to route returns to different returns processing centers based on any number of parameters.

Endlessly customizable with queues, tags, and rules.
More than order management. Orderwave is event-driven e-commerce middleware.

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