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Products, Kits + Variations
Create or import product data, with complete support for variations and kits.
Simple Products Apparel Variations Inventory Kitting Non-standard Variations Pricing Rules Tagging & Categories

Product data, directly in Orderwave.

Orderwave's data-management doesn't stop at just orders. Load your product catalog into Orderwave and manage pricing and meta data.

Import from other sources or hand-enter

Have a Product Information Management (PIM) system for managing product data? Automate data-flows from your PIM to Orderwave.

Managing product data directly in your shopping cart? Orderwave can load product data directly from your cart's APIs.

Need to hand-enter your product data? Use our UIs to easily create product data directly in Orderwave.

Apparel and variation support
We support any type of product variations, so that your users can locate items easily, and choose the correct product variations for new orders.
Inventory kits (multi-mapping)
Create products that map to multiple SKUs, that explode as lines on orders. Easily manage complex product mappings for pre-packs.