Custom Queues with your Business Rules
Create the workflows that are meaningful to your operations.
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Queues are the backbone of Orderwave's workflow system.

Create your own queues to hook into existing workflows, or build your own workflows with automated rules that completely customize the behavior of Orderwave to meet your exact needs.

Design your own workflows

Create different queues for different data pipelines. Use rules or automated tasks to automate moving orders (or shipments, payments, or anything) from one queue to another.

Create queues for customer service teams

Carefully craft thoughtful and informative queues, complete with custom instructions for your various teams. Teams can "work queues" with ease.

Fire off custom actions when queues are cleared using your custom business rules.

Process-queues for data-exports and APIs

Queue data to run in automated data exports — only data that is not in a "blocking queue" will be exported to files or your web-services APIs, so you know that only the data you should export, gets exported.


Create queues that are designated as "blocking queues" - any order/shipment/billing in a blocking queue will be prevented from taking part in automated processes, like exports and more.

This effectively isolates, queues, and "holds" your data, while simultaneously making sure the reason for the hold is properly categorized. Done with the "hold"? Just remove it from that queue and normal processes takeover as needed.

Queues for automation 🤖

Use queues to isolate and setup automation. Set up alerts based on rules, queue orders data that haven't been reviewed in the last 30 days, or more. The sky is the limit for how you utilize your queues.

Queues for anything ⚡

Queue any data that Orderwave manages - not just orders. Orderwave, at its heart, is a data-management platform. Everything, from users, to refunds, to shipping connectors, can be queued, searched, tagged, and automated.

Endlessly customizable with queues, tags, and rules.
More than order management. Orderwave is event-driven e-commerce middleware.

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