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Search / Filter / Find
Find anything - no matter how deep the data goes.
Find any address Find any person Save your searches Share your searches Use searches for alerts Analytics and dashboards

Search tools that let you find anything.

You need search that empowers you to find the orders / products / shipments / inventory / (you-name-it) quickly and easily.

Nothing is hidden "behind the scenes" in Orderwave. You get access to the same search tools you use for orders and inventory across all aspects of the app. Search for users, search for inventory deductions, search for taxes, search for warehouses. You get all of it.

Simple & Deep Searches
With Orderwave's search tools, you can find canceled items that had more than $9 in US taxes. You can find orders that are shipping to variations on the spelling of "PO Box". You can find orders that paid for express shipping, but are held up for more than 3 days. The options are limitless.
Save and share your filters
After you've narrowed down your search, save your filters and share them with team members. Apply them to automated to tasks to export or update data.
API Support
The same search tools that are in the Orderwave user-interface are available in our API. Your partners and developers have rich search flexibility to enhance your applications across your app ecosystem.