Shipping + Fulfillment
Ship directly to customers using Orderwave, or connect directly to fulfillment houses, ERPs, or 3PLs.

Flexible shipping. Ship in Orderwave or through your partners.

In a single instance of Orderwave, you can have the flexibility of creating branded shipping labels for one warehouse, exporting shipment data to another, and import shipping status from an ERP.

Custom, branded packing slips
Create your own (or start with our templates) packing slip design, complete with your branding. Supply custom dimensions and options to produce any kind of document your warehouse requires.
Filtered batching
Increase production efficiency by making your shipment batches meet your exact specifications. Apply custom search filters to batch creation, so that your staff is packing similar orders, orders for certain promotions, or any other type of segmented order-type you require.
Warehouse / ERP integration
Setup queues to export to your shipments to your warehouses in whatever data-format they need. Flexible export tools make it possible to export files or send data to web services.
Shipping status feeds
Automate importing shipping/warehouse status into Orderwave using our customizable feed APIs or file import mappings.
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Everything is an API in Orderwave. Learn how to integrate your systems.
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