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Taxes, Discounts and Financial Data
Orderwave handles simple and complex financial data.
Tax rate lookups Custom tax rates Order-level discounts Stacked discounts Item adjustments Multi-level taxes

Orderwave has a data-model that supports complex financial details.

If you need to record taxes, discounts, adjustments, and more, Orderwave's system for storing and calculating financial data will handle it with ease.


Orderwave supports multi-level taxes on any item in an order, including shipping/freight.

Use Orderwave's tax lookup service for the US, or integrate your own tax rates or 3rd party tax provider.

Discounts and Adjustments

Orderwave allows stacked discounts, so your e-commerce systems have the freedom to apply multiple item-level and order-level promotions.

Adjustments can come in the form of discounts or fees, and can apply to any item.

Adjustments can be used as appeasements before orders settle.

Pull financial data to your back-office systems

You can pull financial data directly from Orderwave's APIs, or you can setup automated exports of data to send to FTP/SFTP servers.

Automated exports can follow any design pattern you'd like - Orderwave allows exports to be constructed as templates, so that you can export your data in the format you need. Learn more in Data Exports.