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extend and share
Implement webhooks to send data to partners, or extend the functionality of Orderwave.
Trigger with Rules Send Data Customize Processes Web Services Data Sharing

Orderwave + your code
= endless customization.

Our rules engine provides complete control over the life-cycle of the data in the app, and you can trigger your own customized functionality by firing requests to your own webhooks.

When triggered with a rule, we will post the entire JSON of the object to your endpoint - you can take it from there.

Your webhooks can do anything

Call Orderwave right back and update an order

Send data to a marketing or rewards partner

Trigger communication workflows with a email provider

Call back to an e-commerce platform

Fire off inexpensive and custom Functions As A Service that perform any customized actions you need.
Develop plugins that extend the functionality of Orderwave or your own products.

Web Services

Create rule-based workflows that batch data to be sent to Web Services. As long as the web-service endpoint is accessible over the internet, Orderwave can share data with it.

Create data transformation templates to send data in any format that is required, whether it be JSON, XML, or anything else.

Endlessly customizable with queues, tags, and rules.
More than order management. Orderwave is event-driven e-commerce middleware.

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