# Alert Jobs

Automated tasks allow you to create custom alerts for your team. You can create them for any bucket in the app.

Alert jobs do the following:

  • Perform a search using a saved-filter on a bucket
  • Identify if the results of that search should trigger an alert
  • If yes, an email alert is sent out to recipients in a user group

# Create a saved filter

Navigate to the page for the bucket that lists results, and create a saved filter. You will use this saved-filter for your alert job, so you will need to make sure to save it and share it with your team by using the toggle-switch.

Share a saved-filter with your team

# Create alert job

Navigate to Admin > Automated Tasks and click the ➕ button to create a new automated task. Name/describe it appropriately, and set the recurrence that meets your needs.

Alert jobs are a type of automated task

After creating your automated task, choose the "Alert job" task type. You will then:

  1. Choose the bucket that you created your saved-filter on
  2. Choose your saved-filter
  3. Choose the "count operator". This is the way that Orderwave will look at the results of your saved-filter. For example, you can set up an alert if you find zero orders from a particular source over the last 12 hours.
  4. Enter the number of results that will trigger the alert
  5. Choose the user group that will get the alert email
  6. Choose the "Email" alert connection
  7. Choose the "Alert Job Triggered" email template.


You can create and customize a new email template to match your alerting needs.

# Editing an alert job

If you need to edit the recurrence or date/time windows of your alert job, you can use the ✏ icon to edit the automated task properties directly. To change the logic of the alerts (saved-filter, counts, etc), use the "Set Properties" button on the automated task.